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Other applications femto second( flex-smile)
Roayah Centers is privileged to be one of the few centers around the world, which also does an all-in-one femtosecond laser refractive surgery. This goes by the name of ReLeX. Within ReLeX, there are two procedures, FLeX and SMILE
FLEx (Femtosecond Lenticule Extraction)
FLEx is similar to LASIK, in that a flap is created, and lifted to a side. However, instead of the standard blade less LASIK where a flap is made with the femtosecond laser, and the refractive correction done with the excimer laser, FLEx involves using the femtosecond laser to cut a refractive lenticule in the same step as the flap creation. The refractive lenticule is peeled off the corneal bed, rather than being ablated (i.e., being converted into a gas) with the excimer laser. FLEx offers all the safety of no blade LASIK, with a more elegant work flow and more stable results than with standard blade free LASIK.
SMILE: Small Incision Lenticule Extraction

SMILE takes FLEx even further. Instead of creating and lifting a flap, a refractive lenticule is carved within the cornea, and removed through a small incison. SMILE is the culmination of the ReLEx technique. It offers many advantages to both the patient and the doctor. It is quick, extremely safe.

gives predictable and stable results, and causes least patient discomfort.